Review: InTheVisualz

“Mental Criminals Ep”
(InTheVisualz Records)

InTheVisualz manifested from the minds of individuals wishing to deliver the gift of gab to a world still wiping the sleep from their eyes. InTheVisualz sound will reverberate in your cranium for days as you fumble over the words to describe the sound you’ve heard. They’ll wreck your psyche up as they spit eloquent lines over Z.G.S. beats. With political positions and social constrictions these Cali heads choose to marinate in the underground, utilizing it as an outlet for positive change and expression. InTheVisualz delivers in an array of homegrown smoked out, brain stimulating style lyrics and beats. Also expect an LP to drop on Halloween dubbed “Smoke Signals”. And to further your underground education you can get Azmah and Switch Griffens debut release “The Drifters” expected to drop on the day of the dead as well.