Review: Ion Dissonance

Ion Dissonance
““Breathing Is Irrelevant””

Have you ever had one of those truly fucked up trips on drugs? The one’s where everything is completely fucked and people’s faces are melting? I once had one were I thought I was trapped in the original Super Mario Bros. If you know that feeling then you know exatly what I felt like after I had listened to this Ion Dissonance disc. With crazy timing changes and complicated song structures much like Messuggah, Ion Dissonance left me feeling like I had just smoked Cali’s finest and passed out. Vocalist Gabriel spits out some pretty venomous shit like in ‘Tragedy, the Death of 10,000 is a Statistic’ where he sings about shooting people with his .357; this is guy is pretty twisted. In the end I didn’t care much for this disc as it seemed like the band was just trying be as technical as possible with a blatant disregard for writing decent songs.