Review: The Junior Panthers

The Junior Panthers
(The First Time Records)

Fluffy, just like a baby panther.  That’s the way the Junior Panthers are bringing it.  Which is quite appropriate considering they are juniors.  I hear rock n’ roll riffs which I can appreciate, but the tunes have an abundace of twinkle toed pop chorus’s and bridges.  It’s cool, maybe in a few years they’ll be the Adult Panthers and they’ll cut out the sissy shit.

There’s certainly something to work with here though because there is a raw feel to some of the songs, and the vocals are very easy to digest.  The distortion on the guitars is warm, and the pace at times is drivey.  The tempo is changed up a few times throughout the album with the interjection of some sleepy time acustic jams.  The drums are mixed a little low, and are presented in a basic way.

On the inside cover they have a collage of (I assume) some of their friends and I have to admit, there are some hot babes on there.  So I guess if they’re gettin’ thiers already than they’ve got no worries.  But just imagine what adulthood could bring, that could make a kick ass collage!