Review: Jurassic 5 “Power in Numbers”

Jurassic 5
“Power in Numbers”

Another excellent release by Chali 2NA, Marc 7, Zaakir, Akil and the rest of the J5 crew. As usual, J5 doesnt hold out; 17 tracks on this album, guest appearances by artists like Nelly Furtado and excellent flows and beat make an impressive dent into the hip hop world. If you havent heard Jurassic 5 before, I would recommend saving some change and starting on their 2000 major label debut, “Quality Control,” and then move onto this album to get the full feel. Unfortantly, haters give J5 shit because they’re not “hard” enough but ignore that noise; I don’t think a rule exists that everything needs to be about bitches and bling. Pull a tube, go to and get a listen.