Review: Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple

Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple
“Spilt EP”
(Sub Pop)

This four song EP goes at it for a little over an hour.  And that hour is like a millennium if you’re bonging out to this through headphones!  Both Kinski and Acid Mothers Temple pen two tracks individually.

Kinski’s sonic opener “Fell Asleep On Your Lawn” and the Acid Mothers Temple psychedelic closer “Virginal Plane 5:23” are the perfect bookends to this uniquely sonic laden record.  Recorded in December of 2001 at Acid Mother Temple’s guitarist Higashi Hiroshi flat; the session was in fact an impromptu jam session between the two bands that lasted for about an hour.

Afterwards they enjoyed nabe and tempura.  In the world of improvisational music, you’ve got your hippies and you’ve got your stoners.  Kinski and Acid Mothers Temple don’t exactly fit into the hippie category, and they all seem to be pretty damn on point too much to be stoners. Though this split EP should appeal to both parties of improvisational jams. And if there’s one thing we can all certainly agree upon, is that this album goes best with clean blotter. Bon Soir*