Review: Kitchens And Bathrooms

Kitchens & Bathrooms
“Vehicles Beyond”
(Forge Again)

Licensed from Canada’s Sonic Unyon Records, ringing and bucking start-stop guitars and slower waves of mid-range sustain define the tone, if not the sound, of this record.  Angry but resigned, as on “Alphabet Conscious”, and more like Chokebore, in spots, than they are like the math rock side of things.  “The Woods” has a wiry guitar sound that winds itself around the trees, so to speak.  Brooding and difficult, languid and disturbing, it stays in the shadows.  Not as college radio “abstract” as Radiohead (whose latest record is weak, by the way) but that’s a good thing.  They’d rather finish a song than throw in five others before this one’s done.