Review: Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich
(Resurrection A.D. Records)

The most desirable aspects of various rock genres such as punk and hardcore to metal and 80’s rock are now available under the name known as Knuckle Sandwich. The album consists of tracks that tickle you till you uncontrollably laugh your eyes out of the sockets. Then you can bury your head and whine as they spill emotive lines of knowledge gathered from reflection in retrospect to failed relationships.

This album reeks of patriotism.  You can sing along to even the most serious lyrics, chanting and screaming for social change, and political reconstruction.   Their style is beautiful in its satirical mockery of our beloved country. They are the ultimate patriots of America, screaming for change in a dynamic versatile style of rock. The album is seriously fun (and funny), packed with that gritty Dirty Jerzey wit that can educate (you) or incinerate (you) in one swift execution of a verse and riff.