Review: Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings
“Rollin’ Stoned”
(Suburban Noize/Capital Records)

KMK records have always featured a wealth of diversity. One each an every record you could find a mix of rock, hip-hop, punk and reggae flavored tracks. On “Rollin Stoned” the Kottonmouth Kings have really gone to the extreme to make sure their music is devoid of any and all barriers. From the classic KMK hip-hop jam like ‘Sleepers’ to the acoustic ballads of ‘Positive Vibes’ or ‘Rest of My Life’, this album touches upon every music genre and that’s what makes it one of KMK’s best efforts to date.

It’s a damn shame that the Kottonmouth Kings have not achieved the commercial success they deserve as this is some truly ground breaking material. ‘Strange Dayz’ has that phat beat you can’t ignore while tracks like ‘Full Throttle’ and ‘Sub-Noize Rats’ inject some punk flavor into the record. This is the true essence of musical creation. Music that has been made without a care for whatever trend is currently taking over, without a care for what category of music they’ll be classified as and without a care for what the fuck anyone thinks. Kottonmouth Kings have consistently evolved artistically with each album and this one is no different. Nothing more than a great record.