Review: Life In Your Way

Life In Your Way
“…And Still Our Time is Endless”
(Indianola Records)

Oh man, I just made more crapes.  You are so jealous right now it’s not even funny.  I like putting nutella on them.  You know who’s on the front of my nutella jar?  Kobe Bryant.  Oh yeah.  Life In Your Way is really good.  They’re a hardcore band with tinges of melody throughout.  “For the Flames” starts the album with a kick right in the nutella, frantic breakdowns bridged together with plenty of riffage and vocals that run the gamut from on-key, vicious shouting to pleasant euphones.

Life In Your Way’s vocals are the exception to the “hardcore bands must have crappy singers” rule, as the multi-layered sound never seems forced or faked, especially on “When it All Comes Down”, the final track on the album, done in a decidedly understated acoustic fashion.  Gotta like a band that can lay it down like freaking men, charging full throttle through eight tracks before stripping themselves down at the end like that.  Gotta like crepes, too, only my ass is really hurting right now, which nobody likes.  “Our Time” is an album that fans of Evergreen Terrace, Thrice, and my crepes will surely enjoy.