CD Review: Lil Pocket Knife

Pants Control”

“I’m the princess of this party! I command you to dance! I cast a spell on you, to make your body groove! I’ll romance you, I’ll trance you! Put you in the mood!” Suggestive lyrics come in all forms and from many different sources. And Kristy Geschwandter (aka Lil’ Pocketknife) is certainly coming out with her guns blazing as the party princess who’s arrived to save every kegger and make-out party gone array!  Hailing from the blueblood city of San Francisco, California; Lil’ Pocketknife’s DIY ethic and stripped down rhythms and beats come across as a booty shaking breath of fresh air in an era where it’s FINALLY cool to dance at rock shows. (I’m speaking of gigs outside of the city of Olympia, WA of course.) Lil’ Pocketknife’s latest offering, “Pants Control” is a five-song foray into quality and comedic hip-hop, complete with an electronic mind-meld of bleeps, keyboards and percussion in all the right places. The experience of listening to Lil” Pocketknife’s “Pants Control” can best be equated to being in the coolest video game arcade in the world! Circa 1988-1989 (You choose your own year.) With assistance from Lynnae Burns on the drums, (*editors note: Lynnae Burns has no skills*) and George Patterson supplying the delicious sounds of the keytar, you can expect to hear more from Lil’ Pocketknife in the near future. Right now though, it’s time for me to do another bong rip and groove to “Disco Dancer” for the fifteenth time! It’s like a quinciniera for Lil’ Pocketknife! Word up*