Review: Link

“The Kids are Alright”

Alright?  Kids are horrendous.  Nobody likes kids.  What’s the first thing that goes through your head when you see a show?  I bet it’s something along the lines of, “Look at all these damn kids,” isn’t it?  You see them everywhere, running around with their pins on their jackets, trying to look like they don’t want to be noticed but you can totally tell they’re just dying for attention.  Damn kids.

Link is alright with them, as well they should be, since this is the sort of band that kids are into-bubblegum and syrupy, mid-tempo uppity punk, sort of like Green Day or less annoying Less than Jake.

Link are from Japan, so some of the vocals are a little accented, but kids don’t care about that too much. No, kids just want to hear catchy little hooks and oh-and-ah backing vocals, of which there are plenty here.  Kids also want a band that jumps around the stage in straight time, which I’m sure Link does with aplomb.  It’s not offensive and it’s not totally trite, so you can’t really hate it.  But you can hate the kids. Alright, my ass.