Review: Lost Goat

Lost Goat
““The Dirty Ones””
(Tee Pee Records)

This San Francisco trio play gritty street rock with bluesy female vocals akin to (gasp) Four Non Blondes. Don’t be scared by that reference, though, because these girls and a guy rock like Nebula without the reefer and Raging Slab without the tomfoolery. Heavy and raw with a mean R & B backbone driven by the thick, lumbering bass of lead vocalist Erica Stoltz and the heavy, thundering drums of Tina Gordon. What Eric Peterson adds with his diligent and sonic stringwork creates a frenetic musical missing link, bridging the gap between rockers and stoners. Prolonged listens might even garner a few roots blues-rock labels, but this noise is just too eclectic for such simple tags. Heavy rock ‘n blues punk ‘n roll strong enough to settle the ADD crowd down, and groovy enough to get the THC crew off the couch. That’s some powerful shit, man.