Review: Lost Prophets

Lost Prophets
“Start Something”

Lost Prophets’ debut “The Fake Sound of Progress” was one of my favorite releases the year it was released.  Sure they are the bastard child of Faith No More mixed with a bit of Incubus, but who the fuck cares!?  I sure as hell didn’t.  So as you can tell it was with eager anticipation that I awaited the band’s sophomore effort.  Would they be like every other band out there and completely let me down?  From the opening chords of ‘We Still Kill The Old Way’, I knew this was the record I had been waiting for.  ‘Burn Burn’ smolders with blistering intensity until it boils over, while ‘Last Train Home’ is so damn catchy that you just can’t resist singing along.  This is a fantastic album that will break the Lost Prophets through to the mainstream if there is any justice in the music business.  After all, isn’t it about time something good broke into the mainstream?