Review: Lullacry

“Crucify My Heart”
(Century Media)

Everyone in Lullacry used to be blonde and now they’re not.  Maybe it’s my ear, maybe it’s that the band has matured as songwriters or maybe clearing the air of the stench of bleach and peroxide has simply improved Lullacry.  If I recall right, Lullacry’s last album, “Be My God” didn’t exactly take this reviewer by storm, and, for that matter, neither does “Crucify My Heart,” however, I do feel a bit like I’m being rained upon.  It’s not what I’d call a storm, but it does have the potential to give me a good and thorough soaking.

The music stands upon the edge of the knife that cuts the rock world and metal world in twain.  In some circles they’d simply be called hard rock, but in my circle I have to classify them as metal for a few fly away bass lines and the way the guitar comes screaming back in after the break downs.  The vocals are improved since the last album, but that’s not because of any personal growth of the vocalist.  It’s because Lullacry has a new singer.  They’re still fronted by a female.  Gone is the Pat Benatar impersonator of old and in is a clean voiced hard rock Olivia Newton John who could more than hold her own with the third round “American Idol” contenders.  The band is moving in the right direction.  They’re stronger, better, more refreshing and have thankfully dropped the pseudo-gothic pretences for a more by the balls rock sound.