Review: Mad Caddies

Mad Caddies
“Just One More”
(Fat Wreck Chords)

Southern California’s Mad Caddies have returned with their fourth release and they’ve brought a little piece of home with them. Appropriately named after the bar where the Caddies spend most of their downtime, “Just One More” is the Caddies strongest effort to date. Combining elements of ska, punk, reggae and even swing at times, the Mad Caddies have a knack for writing well-written songs with punchy hooks. Diversity is the band’s strength as they move from the slow jam of a song like “Drinking For 11”, right into the punk power chords of something like “Contraband “and make it look so easy.

Refusing to remain stagnant the Mad Caddies have created a record that touches every musical style without sounding corporate or contrived. Tracks like “Last Breath” or “Rockupation” will make you want to shake your ass without a care in the world. There truly is something here for everyone, no matter what musical taste they prefer. Light up a stogie, drink your Guinness down and line up the shots, the Mad Caddies are here for last call.