Review: Manic Hispanic

Manic Hispanic
“Mijo goes to Jr. College”
(BYO Records)

If you like your punk rock with guac, Mijo goes to Jr. College will be a combination plate from heaven for your saucy little ears. From the opening track, “Trippin’ on Mi Ruca,” which thrashes around old school, with hand claps and a kick-ass guitar solo included at no extra charge, to “My Homeboy is a Joto,” a spiffy little ditty about a just-released-from-prison homeboy, with a new predilection for pene. “INS took my Baby Away,” is another throwback anthem with screechy punkin’ guitars, aaah-ing background vocals, and a bopping melody.

The disc oles its way from searing guitar screeds and gruff vocalisms to straight ahead blaring anthems, with mucho success. But from a group of vatos that includes members of Cadillac Tramps and 22 Jacks, would you expect anything less than la bomba?