Review: Marduk

“World Funeral”
(Regain Records)

With a stable and constant line up for the past eight years it would appear Marduk are not going to be exiting the black metal scene anytime soon, and their newest release of pure blasphemy is testament to their ferocious aplomb.  Whipping up devilish frenzies that are the musical equivalency of an exorcism gone amok, Marduk are the head strong Satanic maestros of the new and old order of metal’s vilest and blackest recourse.

“World Funeral” is a devastating attack of unholy rage, a direct assault upon decency and the status quo morality of the world, with blasting drums, violently eddying guitars and caustic vocals from Legion’s sulfurous throat which surely doubles as the gate to Hell through which Satan fell when cast out of paradise, “World Funeral” will pummel even the hardest core of hard core black metal lovers the world over.  There is no stopping this beast of the apocalypse from total world music domination.  As told in revelations, the beast of the apocalypse has seven heads; Marduk won’t be outdone by the beast as they brandish eleven hate filled, bile spewing tunes that are the soundtrack for the new dawn of endless war.  And you all thought terrorism was a threat?  Ha!

My God!  Please!  Look at that!   I can write loads of hyperbolic nonsense!  Won’t someone please hire me to write press releases and artist bios?  Look at the depths I am capable of sinking to!  Just look at ’em!  Come on look!