Review: Masterplan

“Enlighten Me”
(Painful Lust)

This record is a glorified single and typically I wouldn’t bother reviewing a fucking god damn single because nobody buys the stupid things.  But here I am reviewing this anyway because, as sad as this might be, I like this shit.  It’s absolutely some of the best progressive power metal I’ve heard in quite some time.  The choruses soar up out of the stereo speakers and completely infect the brain with their effortless pop structures.

What’s interesting is the name of the producer.  I recognize that name as belonging to one of the old guitarists from one of metal’s greatest bands.  The name is Andy Sneap and he -played for Sabbat.  Looks like he has a new job recording and producing metal bands.  Well, I’m not saying that Andy Sneap is the reason these prog-power metal tunes are good, but it is nice to see his name and that he’s still involved in the rock and roll world to a certain extent.  Otherwise, this is just a single and should be avoided.  Look for a full-length.  There must be one, that’s how singles come into being right?