Review: Mastodon


RAAAHHHHH… RAWWHHHHH…ROARRRR… WE ARE MASTODON! FEAR US WHEN WE ROARRRR! If you read that part of the review then you can imagine what this record is like. All kidding aside, this isn’t a bad album. Although the singer fucking screaming in one monotone screech for 40 minutes got on my nerves.

Despite that, Mastodon features some fucking great technical musicianship that, at times,  will leave you in complete awe. They can go from some of the most somber beautiful passages, right into this blistering heavy as fuck dirge much like Neurosis. A cool bonus is the DVD showing the band live, although it had shitty sound. I think if you’re into a band like Neurosis you will definitely dig what Mastodon is up to.