Review: Memento


With the sheer volume of Cd’s I received this month it was hard to shift through everything. Some things got little to no time in my Cd player, others dominated it. At the top of that pile was Memento’s debut, “Beginnings”, a melodic meld of rock and hard rock hooks. Each and every time I hear the disc it grows on me more and more. Vocalist Justin has quite the pipes on him and has a wide range from which he draws upon over the coarse of the record. ‘Saviour’ showcases Justin’s ability to hit the high notes without sounding like retro or dated.

There is a wealth of sounds here as well to give the material a little bit more depth. Piano, acoustic guitars and strings all grace Memento’s sound to add texture and at times a bit of beauty. This is a great album that will keep me coming back for more and more with each listen. Every year, Ozzfest features a number of rising stars on its side stage. Some rise above and position themselves at the forefront of hard rock. The rest die a rather quick and painful death. Memento are one of those rising stars that are just too damn good to be denied.