Review: The Mendoza Line

The Mendoza Line
“Lost In Revelry”

A very talented group of composers is behind this collection of tracks whose artful menagerie pays homage to the campfire ambiance of Dylan, old school twang of real country, and gentle rock sensibilities of the Replacements.  As more bands are bridging the gap between rock and country it is becoming more apparent that there is someone inside me who enjoys a telecaster.  Even the Beetles covered a Buck Owens and the Buckaroos track in their day so I’m surely not alone.

This album represents the fifth full-length effort of The Mendoza Line and in that span the band has had their ups and downs, but never lost faith in themselves or the band.  It’’s wonderful to hear such a talented DIY band create songs with such a wide span of sounds and ideas.  So many bands who do things on their own make twelve songs with the ideas of two or three.  I really enjoy the tracks “Under Radar” and “I’m That!”.  I swear that singer Sharon McArdle sounds exactly like Neko Case.  I could see The Mendoza Line going on tour with Jessie Sykes or maybe Lambchop because they just fit.  God damn, where’s my cowboy hat and chaw, I’m a rhinestone cowboy.