Review: Mental

“Get An Oxygen Tank!”
(Bridge Nine)

Mental has the image down pat.  They blend the coolest elements of all underground scenes (’50s greaser art with hardcore attitude and more tattoos than Dashboard Confessional).  The problem is that their music just sounds so generic, you’d rather listen to someone else while you stare at the CD packaging.  A singer that mumbles his way through each song is more grating than Obituary and their “screaming is an instrument” delivery, despite an actually cool sound and the music is just sort of…there.  Blending stock riffs that blend old school hardcore breakdowns with slight punk rock ‘n’ roll (that would be 1-4-5 patterns for the musicians), they have the potential to shred some serious cake-hole, but on this release, it does little more than make you want to give them your copy of The Age Of Quarrel and learn “We Gotta Know” for homework.