Review: Merauder

(Century Media)

This album should appeal to many.  The majority of the lyrics deal with police brutality, as you might guess from the title.  Policemen are called boys in blue, right?  Thus, “Bluetality.”  Get it?  It doesn’t matter.  Stupid album title aside this isn’t a stupid album.  It’s good solid hardcore that reminds me of the recent Scar Culture album, but that’s no big surprise since they’re from the same part of the country and had the same knob twiddler engineer their album, none other than former S.O.D. front man Billy Milano who’s getting pretty good at his new job in the studio.  The vocals are coarse, shouted and forceful.  The guitar is heavy but clear.  The drums are a little flat (except that bass drum – lord) and the bass guitar is relegated to where you’d expect on a hardcore album.

There’s nothing particularly bad about the album although constant references to God are troublesome and nothing particularly standout either although the song “41 Shots” might be worth the sticker price; it’s undeniably cool and mean.