Review: mewithoutYou

““[A–>B] LIFE””
(Tooth And Nail)

For a Freshman effort, mewithoutYou receives and A.  They mix violent screaming hardcore with crunching guitars and the spoken word with beautiful melodies.  It is very hard to decipher one’s self from other bands in this type of music right now, but I hear touches of innovation and unique style from mewithoutYou.  Guitars are used as crazy sounding background noise on a number of tracks like “We Know Who Our Enemies Are” and “I Never Said I Was Brave.”  My favorite song would have to be “Gentlemen,” which it sounds like should be played with “(A).”  Singer Aaron Weiss often sounds much like a cross between Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye (of Fugazi), which creates an interesting blend.  I think this record was definitely improved by producer J. Robbins who has produced such greats as Dismemberment Plan and The Promise Ring (and has played in Jawbox and Burning Airlines).  mewithoutYou has a great label in Tooth And Nail and is a very young band that will probably mature with !
time.  Look for these guys to take the scene by storm in the coming years.