Review: Mico De Noche

Mico De Noche
“Stripper Wars”
(Perverted Son Records)

With a subtle bouquet reminiscent of Exodus and Testament during their later years, Mic De Noche makes it extremely evident on “Stripper Wars” that all you really need to kick out the jams with is a drum kit and an electric guitar (granted you have an amplifier and maybe a distortion pedal.)

With brutal guitar riffs that could make faint hipsters vomit and bonzo-like drumming, Mico De Noche certainly seem to be distinguishing themselves as a different breed from the rest of the metal rabble that’s out there right now.

Courvosier Jones and Don De Noche may not dress in matching outfits when performing their particular brand of rock (metal), but the proof of their skills lies in their latest EP. Running just over fifteen minutes with six head-pounding songs in all, “Stripper Wars” is hopefully a warning shot of things to come from Mico De Noche in the future.