Review: M.O.D.

“The Rebel You Love To Hate”
(Nuclear Blast)

Billy Milano is back.  Pushing the PC buttons of America in classic M.O.D. fashion with some new members.  Replaced are the old Anthrax members Scott Ian and Charlie Benante from M.O.D.’s previous ‘Bigger than the Devil’.  The thing is, this new version of M.O.D. is pretty good at matching the some of the styles they parody.  Witness the opener ‘Wigga’ in which M.O.D. actually seem to surpass the nu-metal white-boy rap they are making fun of.  Unleashing lyrical rips that are more clever than a lot of the intended targets.

The rest of the disk is the expected meathead metal M.O.D. has unleashed before.  It’s all tongue and cheek and generally wrapped around some bitch Billy Milano has with something.  He’s the fat guy that makes fun of fat chicks.  So don’t take him too seriously.  Watch them mimic the style of Rammstein yelling ‘Dance around like Devo’ in “De Men of Stein”.

It’s metal with a sense of poking fun humor.  And you can’t miss the Kiss influenced “Get Ready”.  Which is funny if for no other reason, than M.O.D. made one song that pretty much sounds like every Kiss song ever written.  And even funnier, is the additional ‘Get Ready (Almost Live Kinda)’ which is basically the original version with live crowds dubbed in.  Again, making fun of Kiss trying to pull the same trick with their “Kiss Alive!” album.

Do you like GWAR or Green Jello?  M.O.D. is a more (hesitate to use the word) ‘credible’ version of joke-metal.  Although M.O.D. somehow pass themselves off as a substantial contribution to metal, they are mostly just making jokes to a metal soundtrack.  Fun stuff as usual though and provoking more than a few wry smiles and raised devil horns.