Review: .moneen.

““The Theory of Harmonial Value””
(Smallman Records)

Every year I try to find at least one emo record that truly becomes a part of me and really defines what emo is all about.  Back in 1988 it was Rites Of Spring and the newly formed Samiam.  Today both those bands are gone (Samiam might come back), but they live on in bands like .moneen..  I started listening to emo in about 1994 with Seaweed, Jawbreaker, and Jawbox so you might call me a longtime fan.  I would say it is still my favorite type of music because of bands like .moneen..  I think .moneen. has created the best emo record I have heard in years.  After being left in awe by the first listen to “The theory of harmonial value” I immediately started the disk over like it is my daily fix of crack.

The lyrics are insightful and delivery ranges from soft finesse to powerful soul driven emotion.  Yes, the songs actually build up and climax, can you believe it?  I can’t find one weakness in this record.  I hear hints of all the greats such as Hum, The Promise Ring, caP’n Jazz, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, and the before mentioned.  These guys are very young so get started on .moneen. early and make them a personal part of yourself.