Review: Moreland Audio

Moreland Audio
(54°40’ or Fight! Records)

Experimental Rock has always been a difficult undertaking. Depending on how it is accomplished, the experimental rock band can keep you gawking with drool dripping from your lip or drive you away.  Remember Morphine?  Exactly.  Well, “Moreland Audio” sounds nothing like Morphine, but still falls into the “experimental” category.  Running a tight band with two guitarists, Gary Flom (guitar, lap-steeled guitar) and Ben Davis (Guitar, baritone guitar), and a drummer, Andy Overton who keeps one helluva fluctuating beat going, “Moreland Audio” will suck you into the depths of repetition and ingenuity.  Excellent musicians are what separate this band from other failing “experimental” types.

I would venture to guess that their live shows are much better then the CD since they typically play off of each other for about 30 to 45 minutes without stopping.  Each track, although separate and named, is part of a gigantic music tapestry with no lyrics.  In other words, to specifically talk about each track would be pointless since they all lead into each other.   As far as a website, the band-titled site is pretty much one page with a few words meaning there’s not too much there.   Your best bet would be to stop by the record company’s website at for some band info.  Moreland Audio is a great experimental (there’s that word again!) rock band but will never see MTV or even MTV2 for that matter.  I don’t really believe they will gather too much appeal, but they are worth a listen.  You have to try everything once, right?