Review: My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride
“Songs of Darkness Words of Light”

As cheesy as this may sound, if Dracula ever needed a dark, metalish house band, it would be My Dying Bride.  Their songs drift across the floor like the cool fog that always seems to follow the dark one around.  The lyrics sing the praises of broken, wretched misery.  There is an orchestrated feel to the arrangements, giving this an ancient feel.  Would go good with a castle.  In Transylvania.  Sorry, I just get such a Dracula vibe every time I listen to My Dying Bride.

Think a darker, more pale Type O Negative with a cape and you are getting close.  Long songs stretch the nightmare out to maximum creepiness.  A disturbed crawl.  An unsettling feeling.  It’s that freakish attraction to the beauty in death that makes My Dying Bride such a dark pleasure.