Review: Nekromantix

“Return of the Loving Dead”
(HellCat Records)

Finally, Denmark exports something that is worth my time.  Nekromatix has released their American debut on Hellcat and shown us that psychobilly with style can come from anywhere.  We Americans should be more than happy to lend our ears to this great album. “Nice Day for a Resurrection” starts off sounding more like the beginning of “Hotel California,” but turns into a romp that talks of getting intimate with his dead ex.  The entire CD is a slick brooding testament that psychobilly can come from any place. In the 13 tracks, the band goes through all facets of sound and tempo, from the quick-paced “Who Killed the Cheerleader” to the more relaxed “Haunted Cathouse.” They recently played the Psychos vs. Punks show at the Palace and put on a show that was well worth the $40 scalped ticket.