Review: Noise Ratchet

Noise Ratchet
““Till We Have Faces””
(The Militia Group)

San Diego has got a really good local music scene which has been made possible by bands like Noise Ratchet.  I saw these guys in San Diego a while ago and thought they rocked.  Money in hand, I was ready to purchase their albums with a “sign me up, I’m in,” attitude.  Sadly, I found they only had one E.P. and they did not know when their first album would come out.  I was really surprised, Noise Ratchet sounded and looked like a polished band that had been around for a while, but instead I was witnessing their upbringing, phat.  This album is leaning towards emo-core, which the masses have come to know and love recently.  Many labels have taken a “pump out the core while it is still cool” attitude that is destroying what Eminem would call my “snare.”  However, The Militia Group is a small indie label and I really like this band because of their great sound and in depth melodic, heart felt, and emotional lyrics.  The buildups really get my melon bobbing up and down in a transient manner.  The title track “Till We Have Faces” has phenomenal guitar riffs and the lyrics are quite obviously from the gut.  This band is somewhere near the sound of Alkaline Trio, Osker, and Junction 18.  Hey, all you tight shirts (myself included), support this “ripping” So Cal band from San Diego.