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On Broken Wings ” Some of Us May Never See the World” (Eulogy Records)

This is some scary shit. At a time when there are so many hardcore bands out there playing the same old run of the mill chug-chug hardcore, On Broken Wings is a standout. The guitars grind and churn like some post apocalyptic death machine, the drums are played mercilessly, and the vocals sound like some demon made it out of hell to start a band. The changes are random, and caught me off guard a number of times. Damn these guys are pissed, I want to give them a hug and let them know that everything will be OK. No, I don’t want to get near them I could get possesed or something. There are samples, a clap track, keyboards, and other instrumentation that adds extra depth and pushes On Broken Wings above much of it’s competition. If you like hardcore then On Broken Wings should appeal to you, just make sure you have some roseary beads handy.

Thom C