Review: Only Crime

Only Crime
“To The Nines”
(Fat Wreck Chords)

Good Riddance and Bane go on tour.  Singer of Good Riddance, Russ Rankin, bonds with Aaron of Bane, they do a mind meld and decide to start another band.  They call it “Only Crime”.  It’s on Fat Wreck.  Yeah, it’s power punk flavored.  Peppered with catchy guitar riffs wrapped into hooks and Rankin’s ability to shout out them vocals with integrity.  Some speedy tempos and erratic time shifts gives the rock attack a slightly out of control feel.  It rocks proper enough.  Nothing blowing down the house original and falling much more toward the Good Riddance half of this marriage than the brutal assault that is Bane.  There are the occasional intros or bridges that find something unique (check the drum intro to “Real Enemy”) but the songs always come back to the familiar bar chord punk rock romps.  Fans of the Fat Wreck sound in general, or Rankin’s previous work specifically, should find some good times spinning this release.