Review: The Oranges Band

The Oranges Band
““On TV””
(Lookout! Records)

Interesting vocals from singer Roman Kuebler (of The Thumbs) and poppy instrumentation keep this newest addition to the Lookout! Records family above water.  Roman’s vocals have that sort of garage rock quality about them, but he fortunately can hit all the notes attempted.  The musical stylings are also key because they have the poppy quality needed to make the vocals work.  I really like the song “I’m Still Right” because it has this eerie Smiths sort of quality to it and the song short and sweet.  At 7 songs and 17 minutes of music this ep is only an appetizer, but with bands like Spoon and The Shins attaining fairly large followings already, The Oranges Band is sure to have quick success if people can get over their god-awful name.