Review: !!! / OUT HUD

!!! / OUT HUD
“Split EP Lab Remix Series Volume: 2”
(Gold Standard Laboratories)

This spilt EP was originally a vinyl only offering, released back in October of 1999.  Dance rockers OUT HUD contribute three of the four tracks found on this legendary out-of-print EP.  All three of OUT HUD’S songs are varied remixes of the same song: “JGNE”, “JGNDG” and “JGNXTC”.  I have absolutely no idea what the hell all the “Js” and “Gs” stand for, though I’m almost certain the third song, “JGNXTC”, might have something to do with rave-related narcotics.

Celebrated Sacramento rockers !!! (pronounced Chk, Chk, Chk or any three sounds made repetitively) contribute the fourth and perhaps most dynamic song on this spilt EP.  “Instinct” goes on for 12:00 minutes of pure groove laden dance music created by the nine-member outfit that is !!!.

This re-issue has been long since overdue, as the popularity of electronic and live oriented dance music has been surfacing amongst the masses as crowd favorites.  !!! & OUT HUD: damn good stuff to dance to… especially if you’re on some of that “JGN-XTC”!