Review: Outlie

““Companions to Devils and Saints””

Outlie have that melodic punk crunch down to a tee much like someone like Bad Religion but with more modern punch. Outlie is the complete artistic vision of Ex-Good Riddance guitarist Luke Pabich, who not only conceived the project but also wrote the material. Obviously fans of Good Riddance will identify with this release but it should also find an audience with the rest of the punk world due to the good songwriting.

Right from the opening chords of ‘Anxieties of the Vain and Unknowing’ this CD grabs onto you with it’s monstrous hooks and powerful melodies. ‘The Price of Denial’ starts off more like a Slayer tune than a punk rock classic but the song manages to reign in enough ear candy to keep it rotating in your CD player. Honestly this is a solid offering that could easily make any of the Fat Wreck or Epitaph kids go nuts. There is a little something for everyone here and that’s 95% more than what other records are offering these days.