Review: Out To Win

Out To Win
“Persist and Destroy”
(Triple Crown Records)

The artists formerly known as Mushmouth are back with a new name and a fresh sound to boot on this six-track EP.  While Mushmouth fit into the more traditional metal scene quite nicely, OTW seem to have turned the corner into the ever-so-popular neighborhood of metalcore.  The bass is a little quicker and the hooks a little more hook-y.  Also the rent is a little steeper but the view is better, so you really can’t complain, can you?  Those out there worried that OTW may have abandoned their roots may rest easy-the same ferocity and aggression smattered throughout their earlier releases is found in bucketfuls here.  There’s a lot to be happy about here, unless you’re one of those chronically unhappy people like OTW’s lead singer Henzel.  On “Trust No One” he manically screams, “You’ll reap what you sew / I’ll rip your heart out / Shattering all the dreams / What could have been…/ You will remember me / I’ll rip your heart out”.  Seems like a fair statement.  It would be tough to remember someone who pulled a Mortal Kombat and tore your still beating heart out of your chest, wouldn’t it?