Review: Pedro The Lion

Pedro The Lion
(Jade Tree)

Pedro The Lion has returned with this ten song juggernaut that is a beautiful progression from the band’s previous releases making it a must have for any emo or indie rock fan.  PTL’s third full-length release is the second on label Jade Tree (although the third has been re-released on Jade Tree).  For those of you who don’t know David Bazan, he is Pedro The Lion.  He wrote and played the majority of “Control” and his last release “Winners Never Quit.”  The new album has moved to a more stripped down rock sound, which has created the darkest PTL release to date.  However as in other albums, beautiful hooks and sophisticated percussion surround Bazan’s sweet angelic voice.  A long time listener may find that “Control” is more intricate and unwavering than previous releases.  Many of the songs on this album deal with life’s despair.  On track 6,“Magazine,” Bazan tackles the growing tension between the haves and have-nots with a lyrical discussion of how well-off people are blinded by their own self righteousness and advantages in life.  Somehow Bazan’s words and the music give a listener an understanding of the song’s theme and cause the listener to empathize with the situation presented in the song.  “Control” is quite extraordinary.