Review: Pilot To Gunner

Pilot To Gunner
“Games At High Speeds”
(Arena Rock Recording Company)

This was released on Gern Blandsten way back in 2001.The first listen did not impress. After a few more listens, though, this began to sound really good. Now, two years later, Arena Rock is looking to boost these fellas into the spotlight, along with it’s other well-known bands, like – well, maybe PTG will be the first (no dis to the bands on ARRCO). Sophisticated, intricate guitar/bass interplay, Scott Padden’s raspy voice belting out righteous chords, infectious vocal harmonies and elegant drumming make for some super catchy (although not ‘pop’ by any means) goodness.

Drawing almost indiscernible influence from D.C.’s more melodic flavor, the boys in Pilot To Gunner (what a great name, no?) lay a solid foundation of punkish rock, complete with choral anthems and punchy melodies. Intelligent, agro-indie rock; sounds interesting doesn’t it?