Review: Pissing Razors

Pissing Razors
“Live in the Devils Triangle”
(Spitfire Records)

What did this live disk teach me?  That I don’t own nearly enough Pissing Razors.  I’ve played the hell out of their last one “Where We Come From”  (which is Texas if it matters).  And if you immediately thought “Pantera”, you are a hesher supreme and either have listened to this band, or will wonder where the fuck you have been when you go check them out after you are done reading this review.  Halfway through, I had to go track down which albums all these songs were coming from.  Hey, I’m not one of these bullshitters that will just dig up some facts off the net and throw them at you like I am king shit music critic.  But apparently this band has 4 total full lengths, so the disk has plenty to choose from.  And what is chosen shreds.

“Vengeance is Mine” (from the aforementioned “Where We Come From”) is amazingly harsh.  From the bouncing guitar riff that floats above machine gun double bass to the Fear Factory tight riff that slices the song down to its bone.  It’s thrashy for sure, but some of the older tracks (“Tortured”) show a more distinct rock/grungy angle.  But this is a thrash metal band, make no mistake.  Think Pantera… but not.  They hang out with them so why not?  It’s fast and crushingly heavy, but the trick is the severe dry chunkage the guitars lay down.  Little spiny runs that always spiral down into a meaty ‘cha-chunk cha-chunk chunk’.  Watch the pit swirl.  And if they don’t, singer Andre Acosta will bark some shit all Sepultura style right in your face until you move.  I have seen Pissing Razors live about three years ago.  They shred so hard… I can use the term ‘shred’ and it’s actually appropriate.  For a live disk, this sounds great.  It turned me onto Pissing Razors I hadn’t heard.  I like them more than I already did before.  How’s that for a live disk testimonial?