Review: Psychotogen

“The Calculus of Evil”

A better than average death metal band with tendencies towards the labyrinthine technical side of things.  The album has a great popping bass sound that at times leaps up right out of the mix like on Sadus’ classic “Swallowed in Black”.  This label here, Crash, they’ve got some pretty fucking hot bands signed to them.  What else should I tell you?  The vocals are good, strong things.  There are two distinct voices that trade off now and again.

They sound like a lot of other death metal vocals, but what can you do?  All death metal vocals run the risk of sounding like one another.  The music on here keeps it a step beyond the rest of the pack.  And it’s not oppressively technical.  They do find head-pummeling grooves and stick it to you as they stick with it.  I’m pretty far from heaping praise on this group, but it’s a good effort.  One I can appreciate.