Review: Punchline

“The Rewind EP”
(Fueled By Ramen)

Attention pop-punk listeners!  Punchline is here to throw some bounce into your daily routine.  Packed with plenty of hooks and emotion, “The Rewind EP” will get you jumping up and down with a silly looking smile on your face.  In addition to the poppy riffs, and a great attitude, there are backing vocals that come together harmoniously throughout the disc.  Introspective lyrics which are laced with doubt, hope, and frustration seem to be focused on many other a bands central theme: relationships.  I suppose that someone elses feelings about their lifes lost love could be interesting to some. Or at least something that many could relate to, but in the scheme of things I’m not sure how important it is. All that aside, take “The Rewind EP” for what it is, happy, bouncy feel good pop tunes.