Review: Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age
“Songs for the Deaf”
(Interscope records)

Do you really want to rock?  Well, even if you don’t the new album from Queens of the Stone Age, “Songs for the Deaf” may change your mind.  The third release from these Palm Desert locals is upping the ante on all current rock acts.  “Songs for the Deaf” is done resoundingly in the Q.O.T.S.A style of rock.  Pounding drums with fills in just the right place (Dave Grohl is the third drummer in three albums for the Queens.), complimented by Nick Oliveri’s warm, rolling,  base lines, and finally Josh Homme’s soothing vocals over driving rock riffs with hooks that could nab Moby Dick.

“Songs for the Deaf” is an album loaded with blistering tunes such as “First it Givith”, and “The Sky Is Falling” which mixes powerful riffs with Homme’s melodic vocals.  “God is in the Radio” will melt your brain with warm, fuzzy, classic rock smoothness.  For someone who is having a hard time getting the jist of this album, I liken it to a horrifying case of the runs. It hits you hard and after a while the attacks settles only to be right back where you were, getting hit hard. Get it?,  No? Moving on, the album also features a host of guests including Dean Ween of Ween, Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle, and quite a few others. If you decide to take a chance on a new CD today, go for “Songs for the Deaf”, it will rock your friggin’ pants off!