Review: Radio Berlin

Radio Berlin
(Action Driver)

This isn’t an import compilation of songs from the German radio station but a fuckin’ rad post-punk-pop-wave album from Canada’s Radio Berlin. Usually band’s that sound like this get pushed into the ‘been there, heard that’ pile of the unsimulative bullshit, but this is different. Well, different in that they’re good, but can probably be lumped into the proximity of other Canadian acts, like Hot Hot Heat or Red Light Sting.

Press your thumb, index and middle finger into a triangle formation on your chin, and picture The Cure, Joy Division and Depeche Mode, then add increased experimentation in song structures and breaks. This is a solid release from the five year old Radio Berlin, and while songs like the catchy, radio-friendly “Suitcase” will feed the masses, tracks like the tepidly provocative “Aftermath” will be our little secret.