Review: Raising The Fawn

Raising The Fawn
“The North Sea”
(Sonic Unyon)

The North Sea isn’t the kind of album you’d put on to get roused-up for a night of raucous drinkin’ and hell-raisin’.  Taking a page from the school of introspective, melodic songwriters such as Neil Young with “A Man Needs A Maid”, more direct Pink Floyd (as in, so not prog, more “Wish You Were Here”) or alt/country with a strong influx of folk, this is the sort of eloquent, dreamy music you’d put on for a date when s/he comes over for a glass of wine and getting naked for the first time.

The lilting harmonies are intricate and wrap around kitschy conversation nicely.  More importantly, this album makes you seem “deep” and “artsy”.  Only after you’ve tied off the condom, do you pull out The Number Of The Beast.