Review: Raunchy

“Velvet Noise”
(Nuclear Blast)

Somewhere between Nu Metal and classic Thrash you will find the musical stylings of Denmark’s Raunchy.  The vocals have that irritating Linkin Park over-produced sound quality to them: obviously multi-layered, smooth and nice and then suddenly angry and screaming for no real reason that results in a false emotional crescendo that’s completely unearned and typically bland.

Raunchy’s music on the other hand is far superior to all that Nu Metal nonsense.  The band has what one might call a distinctly Nu Metal sound yet the classic thrash and speed influences keep them from submerging beneath the waves of uninspired poseurs out there masquerading as tough macho metal heads.  Which when I first got into metal was a contradiction of terms.  Sure, metal was largely testosterone driven, but the scene, in general was not.  The scene was full of great, friendly and very understanding people.
Now there’s more attitude in your average heavy metal band than there was in the hair metal poseurs.

And, like oh my GAWD!  Did you hear Fred Durst is dating Brittany Spears?  God, the world is a sad fucking place, but, se la vie, plastic people are as plastic people do.  It’s good for heavy metal’s whiney voiced pseudo-macho man to fuck a Real Doll that magically came to life after being purchased and fucked by a member of N’Sync. Raunchy!