Review: Reaching Forward

Reaching Forward
“Burning the Lies”
(Bridge Nine Records)

Hooray!  Just what the world needs-another Straight Edge hardcore band!  I’d like to see a Straight Edge hip-hop group.  I think that would be cool, or at least something different.  Reaching Forward sound pretty much exactly like what you’d expect them to sound like-fast, high-hat cymbals, driving power chords and vocals about “passion burning in my face” and “my soul staying pure” while “fighting the power”.  Whatever.  There are a lot of good little bass runs on this album, though.

Also, for a band hailing from the Netherlands, they’ve got a pretty good mastery of the English language.  However, I noticed that one of the guitarists (they’ve got two) is wearing Nikes in one of the liner-jacket photos-a definite no-no for an American Straight Edger.

It’s not like “Burning the Lies” is a terrible record…as far as hardcore goes, this one has got enough variation between the tracks to be considered a virtual buffet of musical styles.  Borrowing a bit from the speediness of skate-punk and the heaviness of acts like Ensign and Bloodpact make this one slightly different from the standard fare.  Unless you’re pretty committed to The Cause though, you’re probably not going to get too excited about this effort.