Review: Redemption


OK, so here’s a metal band that sings songs from novels by Steven King and Ray Bradbury.  I guess in and of it self that’s not such a horrid thing, but these guys are like metal-lite, they’re not scary and they actually sort of look like dweebs, not the freaking scary dudes with death tattoos and stuff that you’d expect from a metal band.

And it’s mixed by some guy who was clearly deaf.  Vocalist Rick Mythiasin sounds like he’s several miles away from the mic, which is totally unacceptable.

Anyway, the first four tracks are called “Desperation, Part I-IV” and are about a scary evil beast thing called Tak that comes out of some mines and kills people in a desert town.  The guitars and rhythm actually sound fairly polished, if a tad bit gay due to their lack of balls.

“Something Wicked this Way Comes” is twenty-four minutes of soft-metal and the story is pretty rad even if it’s way too long.  It’s just that absurd sounding singer that’s really holding these guys back from being the lite-metal champions of the world.  Unless Tak gets to them and kills them first.