Review: Remembering Never

Remembering Never
“She Looks So Good in Red”
(Ferret Music Corp)

Ever get mixed messages?  Remembering Never is a metalcore band that sometimes sounds like Slayer and sometimes sounds like System of a Down.  Ok, pretty straightforward so far.  Nearly all of Remembering Never’s material involves the multitude of ex-loves they’d like to graphically kill, often with a knife or some such sharp instrument.  While far from being socially acceptable, the message still seems pretty clear…until one reads the liner notes, wherein three of the five members thank (you guessed it) God for their success.  Now, all discussion of religion aside, isn’t it sort of counterintuitive to thank God while you’re singing about murder?  Whatever the psychological dichotomy may be, it seems to work for Remembering Never as their music hits harder than Mike Tyson.  “She Looks” meshes frantic, balls to the wall metal with just the right amount of crisp breakdowns that ultimately make for a stop-start elevator ride of madness.  Speaking of Iron Mike, as these young men will obviously be serving some serious jail time of their own in the near future if any of these sordid tales are ever consummated.  See a psychiatrist and get on with your life.