Review: River City Rebels

River City Rebels
“No Good, No Time, No Pride”
(Victory Records)

River City Rebels are one of those bands that will never turn a profit because they’ve got to split the money like six ways.  Vocalist Dan O’Day has got a pretty smooth baritone that is just snotty enough to make you forget for a second that he sings in a group with a bunch of band geeks.  The horn section sounds like…well, a bunch of horns.  What did you expect it to sound like?  It sounds just like the Voodoo Glow Skulls and Buck-O-Nine and all those other bands whose CDs you sold back to the Wherehouse a long, long time ago.

How can I love The Clash while hating ska so much, you ask?  I think the answer lies somewhere with authenticity.  The Clash did more than just have Joe Strummer sing a line then have a chorus of buffoons repeat it back with a cockney accent, which is all River City Rebels seem capable of doing.  Just because you wear an Agnostic Front t-shirt doesn’t mean you’re cool and it sure as hell doesn’t give you permission to assault my ears with your faux-British cooing.  This enhanced CD features a tour “documentary”, the highlight of which is two of the band members showering together.  Stoked.